Celebrating The International Day For The Girl Child: A well consolidated plan and integral strategy to empower men to create an enabling environment that addresses the global concern of protecting the rights of the marginalized Girl Child.

If you were to ponder over or cognitively think about any human creature that has been a subject to all forms of oppression in the global society for many centuries, you would conclude that it’s the girl child and women as well that have been significantly hit and afflicted by oppressors in our sophisticated society. It’s quite evident that the root cause of this flaw tearing the female being is known to each one of us since the origin of life. If the human race was programmed to conceal the truth, l will never subscribe to this barbaric notion and mystery, but rather rationally choose to dwell on the practical truth as l underscore that though other factors are apparently fueling the marginalization of the girl child, to a greater extent, men are the instigators of Gender Based Violence, all forms of oppression and marginalization of the girl child and women all over the world. It’s more likely that a predominant group of people will have a different perspective on the detrimental and

Men Accelerating Maternal health and Quality life through Family Planning. A strategy to reduce the unmet need to 10% and increase the CPR to 50% by 2024.

Despite the corporate efforts by different key players in the health sector including frontline health workers, government, ministry of health, individual organizations and activists in a bid to promote and improve resilience of the health sector in matters related to family planning, a systematic study was carried out to diagnose the underlying challenges and needs of the sector. The study unveiled that there are health needs regarding family planning that still need to be addressed, and these constitute 28% of unmet need though other reliable sources in the health sector report that the unmet need would surpass the above percentage if all regions across the country were probed. This is a fundamental flaw which imposes a big threat to the social - economic development of the country.  One of the best approaches to address the above stated unmet need and challenges overwhelming the social health and economic sector at large is by promoting male involvement in reproductive health matter

COVID-19: The PANDEMIC of Gender - Based Violence.

In Uganda, the lifting of Covid-19 lock-down is most likely to increase the cases of gender-based violence. It is projected that the total cases would surpass 10 times the cases registered in the recent 5 years if no significant measures are put in place. COVID-19 Pandemic is continuing to pause economic and social hardships rippling into society. Small and Medium sized enterprises continue to face financial hardships making it difficult for them to be sustainable. The economy has taken onto the rule of the jungle s u rvival for the fittest “Man eat Man”. This has caused psychological and financial discomfort on many households. The burden put on household income makes it difficult for families to attain the basic needs. In the light of emotional discomfort many families fail to agree or agree to disagree hence witnessing alarming challenges and skyrocketing levels of gender-based violence Background The year 2020 debuted unprecedented times of trial and hardships characteriz